Traction Like A Snow Tire – The Kelme Star 360

Kelme Star 360 futsal indoor soccer shoesWhen buying indoor soccer shoes or futsal shoes this season definitely consider the Kelme Star 360.  The worst goals to give up in indoor soccer (or futsal) are the easy shots that went in because you slipped.  Not all indoor surfaces were created equally and many tend to gather dust or dirt and can be slippery.  The Kelme Star 360 shoes were co-designed by Kelme and superior tire manufacturer, Michelin.

I checked these out at a gear convention and the outsole is pretty innovative.  There are two patterns on the outsole, a star tread pattern and a rounded design (blue).  These two patterns together provide maximum grip and balance for every move and direction which is very important for a goalkeeper.  Kelme of course headed the design on the upper – the colorways of these soccer shoes are great.  My personal favorite is the yellow.  The upper also seems like it will give a player a good touch on the ball and also last a season without too much wear and tear.  These don’t seem to be on sale yet.  I’ll update the post once you can buy them online.

We could see a possible review of these in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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  1. dan

    those are really cool i like the red ones a lot!

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